For a Pilgrimage in full safety

The Bissalama Program

The Bissalama Program is reserved to the Muslim Pilgrims

Each Pilgrim benefitiate from a full serviceand personal medical assistance during Hajj and Umra

A team of men and women made of healthcare professionals and assistants available 24/7 during the Pilgrimage.

All these persons are onsite and speak your language for an optimal assistance thanks to the Bissalama Band and the Bissalama Medical Passport.


The Bissalama Medical Passport

The secure and ergonomic solution

The Pilgrim automatically benefits from a secure and electronic Medical Passport which groups the essential data for a doctor to treat the Pilgrim.

The doctors of the Bissalama Medical Assistance Team have a direct access to the information in case of alert issued by the Pilgrim from his Bissalama Band.

Additionally, the Pilgrim can access his Bissalama Medical Passport if he wants to add some information.

Bissalama Band : Localisation and Medical Alert

The Bissalama Band combines a phone and a GPS localisation system and digital health records

Each pilgrim has a complete and personalized service for medical assistance during the big and the small pilgrimage.

The Bissalama Band combines a phone and a GPS localisation system. Thus, the Bissalama Band allows the Pilgrim to stay in touch with our Bissalama Medical Assistance Team on a 24/7 base throughout the stay in Saudi Arabia.

By pressing the SOS button, the Pilgrim alerts the Bissalama Medical Assistance Team and can start a discussion with our doctors who instantly know where the Pilgrim is and access simultaneously to his health data through his Bissalama Medical Passport.

This Band is water resist and is made for adults and children.

Phone Communication

A phone conversation is drawn up between you and the Bissalama Medical Assistance Team

Your exact position

The doctor gets your exact position (GPS) and accesses your digital health records

Digital health records

The Bissalama Medical Assistance Team has all the information to instantly provide a personalized medical assistance

Bissalama Consult

In addition to the assistance in case of alert, the Bissalama Program allows you to access the Medical Assistance Team during your membership for any questions about your health
Our Medical Team has access to your health records and can assist in the best way
Such consultation is done through video-conference

UMRA 2017-2018

You have to apply to the Bissalama Program for you or your relatives at least 20 days prior to your departure

My thanks to the medical team at Bissalama. I gave the Bissalama bracelet to my parents who were able to make a pilgrimage to Mecca this year and have been back for three days.
Like the other Algerian pilgrims who suffered a lot and did not have the medical assistance of Bissalama as reported in the attached article:


Merabet karim

HAJJ 2018

You can apply to the Bissalama Program by August 1th latest

A Simple and Secure Safety Process



The Pilgrim is injured – he pushes the SOS button of Band



The Alert is sent to our 24/7 Medical Call Center* which answers to the Pilgrim and localize him



Quick qualification of the emergency level and care of the Pilgrim – Immediate access to the Medical Profile  by the emergency doctor



The Pilgrim is transferred to Fakeeh Hospital (Meccah, Medina, Djeddah)  – Direct access to the Medical Profile by the doctor at Fakeeh Hospital

The Medical Tele Counseling


To strengthen the common expertise for a better treatment in case of health issue

The Medical Colloque


To communicate on a regular base and be prepared in case of sanitary crisis

The Preventive Scoring


To guarantee an appropriate and selective follow-up. To control the reserves of drugs planned for the Hadj and a quick delivery of drugs (health savings)

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