Bissalama Band

Bissalama Band


By ordering your Bissalama Band, you benefit from the entire set of services of the Bissalama Program during your stay for Hadj or Umra :

    • Geolocalization and access of the medical records in case of alert
    • 24/7 personalized Bissalama Medical Asisstance
    • Admittance at one of the hospitals of the Fakeeh Hospital Group
    • Access to Bissalama Consult from your smartphone for medical consultations


Our services are extended for 1 month at your return in your country of residence, at no extra charge (see below UPON YOUR RETURN FROM PILGRIMAGE)




The Bissalama Band can be ordered for yourself or for your relatives.

Please enter below the number of Bissalama Band(s) to order and confirm to complete your order.

Further validation of your order, you will receive your Bissalama Band(s) at the delivery address.



It is easy and effective: a health or localisation problem, you push the SOS button of your Bissalama Band, one of our doctors answers instantly in your language and geolocalises your position

The Bissalama Band shall be activated for the first time only when you land in KSA. Its battery recharges like a mobile phone. A cable and a connector are included.



Bissalama offers one additional month of service when you get back from KSA

At the end of this period, our teams will contact you to know if you want to extend your membership over the year. You will also have the possibility to activate the services of the Bissalama Program for stays abroad, whether it is in Maghreb, Europe or elsewhere in the world.



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